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Sicce Aqua 3 4000

8.600,00 ден

Awua 3 4000

AQUA 3 4000
Q-Max 3850l/h
H-Max h 300 cm
Voltage / Hertz 230-240v / 50hz
Watt 50
PLQ130 cable 10 m – schuko – 3p

Aqua 3

AQUA 3 pumps deliver high performance and have been designed for the toughest of conditions. The pumps incorporate a wrap around filter cage which maximises water flow without the need of a foam prefilter and reducing the need for maintenance. They are ideal to run a filter system, a waterfall, a pond with fish or a fountain.

Key Features




1500 – 2500 – 4000 – 6000

Fountain jets included Fountain jets, telescopic tube and flow adjuster included
Diverter for use with flexible hose Diverter for use with flexible hose
Anti-clog sponge free case Anti-clog sponge free case
Telescopic tube extension
  • Extra large base
  • AIR MIX SYSTEM to promote better filtration and water oxygenation. Unique feature to increase the quality of the water by attaching the hose supplied to the rotor inlet of the pump: the air will be drawn in and mixed with the water through the pump.
  • Light Holder for adding a pond light (HALLEY or NATHUR LED) to the filter (excl. mod. 800).
  • Fine grid case which prevents debris larger than 2 mm to enter.